Trace Flashlight


A flashlight can be a lifesaver when darkness falls, or when a power failure cuts out the lights. Sometimes a flashlight is needed for probing dark corners, shining a bright beam into places that never see the light of day. Trace is essential for those who have a sense of adventure, ready to scout out dark spaces on their own, or take a midnight stroll to discover what the night will bring.

  • Providing a portable, rechargeable, light source for indoor and outdoor use
  • Light unit is positioned vertically on the handle, making it easy to direct the beam or sweep it over the surroundings
  • Designed with three different light intensities, the brightness of the LED beam can be adjusted at the click of a button
  • Includes a powerful battery which also works as a powerbank with USB charging
  • Light Source: CREE LED 3 W, 4400 K
  • Step dimmable
  • Battery Duration: 4-15 hours
  • Charging Time: 5 Hours fully charged

Materials: Anodized aluminum and glass

Size: See Image below - shown in cm 

  • 0.77lbs (including battery)

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