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Four Point Puzzles

Planetary Set - The Moon, The Earth and Mars Puzzles


Enjoy all three of Four Point Puzzles incredible planetary puzzles featuring images from NASA. This three-puzzle set contains our complete planetary collection: The Moon, The Earth and Mars.

  • The Moon, the most challenging of the three puzzles, shows the near side of the Moon in stunning clarity. Even the tiniest of craters are visible with incredible detail
  • The Earth shows a portion of the Western Hemisphere including the deserts and grasslands of the United States to the the jungles of Panama in rich, bright color
  • Mars features one of the clearest images of the red planet to date and includes some of Mars' most notable features like the Valles Marineris trench stretching across its surface
  • The difficulty level of all three puzzles is very hard
  • Each puzzle is 1,000 pieces

Size: 25" x 25" (67 cm) circular each

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