Flavia Bennett

Flat Cuff

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Born out of the lack of minimal jewelry for men, these minimalist Flat Cuffs will complement the style of any modern men (or women). No fuss. As minimal as it gets, they are the perfect unisex accessory. Whether you choose to stack them or not, they will soon become your new favorite.

  • Choose from brush finished or a dark oxidized patina

Materials: Handmade in Sterling Silver

Size: Available in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large) to accommodate both men and women wrists. Using a string, strip of paper, or tape measure, measure around the wrist, pulling the tape snug against the skin. If you are using strip of paper, mark the paper with a pen, then measure the strip with a ruler. This is the circumference of your wrist. Choose a cuff size shown below. If unsure or in-between sizes, it is recommended to size up. 

  • Small for wrist size around 6"
  • Medium for wrist size around 7"
  • Large for wrist size around 8"

Cuffs are have a tighter fit around the wrist. The size does not depend on the size of your hand, only wrists. To put it on slide the opening over the smaller side of your wrist, and then turn it 90 ° so it faces the right way. Cuffs are slightly adjustable.

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