≲ 231 MIN Glass Candleholder


Named after its maximum burn time of 231 minutes, the ≲ 231 MIN is formed from the highest-quality borosilicate glass, mouth-blown on a lathe using the same processes that create chemistry apparatus.

The design allows the operator to determine when the flame will be extinguished by adjusting the amount of water poured into the holder. As the candle gets shorter its bottom end rises upwards to the point that the constraint is no longer effective, and the candle falls over onto its side, extinguishing itself in the water.

  • Add less water for longer burn time
  • Reduced fire risk as a result of self-extinguishing feature
  • Includes twisted brush with tip, 6x 6" long church candles, 6x 9" long church candles, 6x lighting tapers, and wooden gift box.
  • Mouth blown glass in Slovenia

Care Instructions: Ideally user should use soft or demineralized water to avoid scale deposits. Clean soon after use to avoid scale building up from water evaporation. Warm or hot water can be used to clean. Towel dry.

  • It is important to ensure that no tiny candle remnants are left. A spec of wax left inside the neck can cause the candle to jam, preventing it from floating upwards causing the candle to be extinguished early as the top burns down to meet the water surface level.

Materials: Borosilicate glass

Size: 32.5 cm tall, 0.35 kg

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