22° 36° 48° Roiro Bowl


Japanese lacquer is applied to the 22° 36° 48° Bowl. The first layer is called Ki-urushi. The next layers to be applied are called Kuro-nakanuri lacquer (which means middle layers). The goal of building up middle layers is to create a layer, which is thick enough to make the base for the last finishing coat of the best quality black Urushi. A total of twelve of these middle layers of lacquer were applied and sanded to a perfect surface. Then the last top layer of black Roiro-urushi is applied and sanded smooth. Next ten very thin protective layers of Kijomi–urushi are then applied (the process called Suri-urushi). Finally, the bowl is polished by hand with a special polishing wax.

  • Limited edition of 28

Material: 18/8 grade stainless steel, finished with Japanese lacquer

Size: 345mm (D)

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