Yves Klein’s Awe-inspiring Hue

In 1928, iconic french artist Yves Klein was born in Nice. The leader of the Nouveau Réalisme art movement and a pioneer of minimalism and performance art, Klein’s work transcended traditional forms of artistic expression, capturing feelings over form. His contributions to the art world are immortalized through his seminal monochromatic paintings and most popularly, through his signature shade of ultramarine blue famously dubbed “International Klein Blue” or “Yves Klein Blue.” The artists’ bold, bluer-than-blue shade captures what historically couldn’t be expressed — a powerful feeling of infinity. Today, International Klein Blue is beloved worldwide for its mesmerizing depth and intensity. The color is a fixture in the design world too, appearing on everything from planters and glassware to knitted goods and stationery. To celebrate the artist behind the hue, here's a few our favorite modern finds that showcase Yves Klein’s awe-inspiring shade.