Trama Textiles x DittoHouse

Cleveland-based DittoHouse, a textile brand founded by textile designer Molly Fitzpatrick in 2015. The brand’s visually enticing aesthetic of bright colors and graphic patterns inspired by various influences, the Op Art movement, Cape Dorset Inuit printmakers and the women weavers of the Bauhaus. DittoHouse has now launched a collection that’s the result of a collaboration with Trama Textiles of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, that came together over the course of a year and a half of communicating online. The relationship between the two companies may have been all digital, but the Woven Collaboration collection is made using one of the earliest methods of weaving: a backstrap loom.
Each of the nine pieces are designed by DittoHouse and woven by women that are a part of the 100% worker-owned and worker-run cooperative that is Trama Textiles.
The artisan weavers of each product set their own price, minimum order quantity and production lead times, while DittoHouse paid for everything in full before production even began. This way of working provides the women with fair wages to support their families while preserving and creating traditional textiles arts and techniques.
Another important detail to note, 50% of profits from the products in the Woven Collaboration collection will go into Trama Textiles’ Almaya Fund which aids its cooperative members in having access to health and welfare services, professional development, and adult & child education, in order to improve health and to end the cycle of poverty in their communities.