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MP02 4G Mobile Phone

This MP02 phone is all about connecting with people the right way. The MP02 itself doesn’t get involved with emails, apps or Internet, so it provides-total immunity to “hmm, I think I’ll just check my phone...” but, for when it’s time to get online, it provides a 4G connection for a tablet or laptop. Putting on your 'out of office' email signature just got a whole new meaning.

  • Only calls and texts
  • 4G hotspot for connecting your other devices to the internet
  • Ergonomic design
  • Includes: USB charger*,USB-C cable (50 cm),USB-C earpiece,Getting Started guide, SIM-tray tool (US Plug)
  • If you are using the MP02 in the USA, please note that the MP02 version's compatibility with mobile service providers is as follows.
    • AT&T, Cricket: compatible, including VoLTE
    • T-Mobile: compatible, but without VoLTE
    • Verizon: not compatible

Material: Polycarbonate casing with textured, high-durability coating, front reinforced glass- fiber, high-dispersion rear speaker housing, Soft-touch rear pad, backlit keys, anodised aluminium Power key and SIM tray, Splash-proof to IP52 (IEC standard 60529)

Size: 117 x 51.3 x 14.4 mm

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