Wake Up Better

OneClock is a minimalist analog timepiece with waking music based in science and designed for a disconnected bedroom.

Tech Editor Approved

“I found myself looking forward to hearing the slight variations of wake-up sounds, something I don’t think I’ve ever said about an alarm clock (or smart phone alarm) in my life. And during the day, it’s a handsome object that seems deserving of its space on my bedside bookshelf, a reminder that time can be on your side.”

- Gregory Han, Tech Editor

The OneClock You Need

The science-backed sounds gently lift you out of sleep in a peaceful, more natural way. Plus, it’s built to last generations with sustainably sourced materials and a timeless design.


Why We Love OneClock

Music composed by Grammy Award-winning artists

Swiss designed clock
movement that’s 100% silent

Simplicity – just two knurled dials to set the time and alarm