NOKA offers an avant-gardist vision with ethically, sustainable, and handcrafted luxurious interior design products. They are two women embarking on a journey to evoke the senses with perfumes, shapes and colors. The ecological and ethical challenges that weigh on their generation has been a source of innovation to develop products completely handcrafted with as much natural materials realistically possible. Their vision is to transform the concept of home as an experience through senses being in constant evocation.

Noka is an independent concept brand that believes beauty emerges from unique products that allow individuality and differences in each one of them. Each process in the supply chain are completely handcrafted. They apply a small stock policy to maintain high quality standards.

By operating ethically and environmentally conscious, Noka's products cannot be compared to mass production company standards. They choose to direct their selves in a new vision hoping that independent companies with a similar outlook to theirs will rise, bringing into the world a better future created by customer choices.

Noka chooses to work with local independent artisans and prioritize sustainable suppliers. Their sculptured candles are made with lead free eco-wicks and a blend of vegetable wax consisting of of palm wax and paraffin. Their supplier has been certified by the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). By eliminating the use of plastic, they use fabric and recycled paper as their packaging.