It all started with a little letter board…

For the better part of the 20th century, letter boards served as an efficient way to neatly and uniformly display dynamic information. They’re plain, analog, and require a little creativity. There’s an unmistakable beauty in these boards—the sharp contrast of the white serif letters against the textured jet-black felt, the subtle artistry of letter placement, kerning, and leading, and the power of a single word against a sea of negative space.

So we repurposed, reimagined, and redesigned yesterday’s letter board for today’s home. Now, they’ve become part of people’s everyday lives, milestones, announcements, and events big and small.

From humble Letter boards, Letterfolk has grown into its own brand. Today, we design products that add purpose and beauty to our homes and our lives—products that tell your story, create experiences, and pull us off our devices and into the physical world.