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SeadPod 5 Pack


Everything you need to know is right in the name: Seads is an acronym that stands for Sustainable Ecology, Adaptive Design.

The first product offering is a planter that fits into chain link fencing and is made from recycled plastic. These planters, called ‘SeadPods,’ empower people to grow their own vertical gardens in places that were previously unused.

Vertical gardens have many environmental benefits, including:

  • Cleaning the air of Carbon Dioxide and releasing Oxygen
  • Absorbing excess rainwater, keeping our rivers and streams healthy
  • Minimizing urban heating effects during the summer and insulating buildings during the winter
  • Enabling micro-farming in urban centers, reducing food insecurity and eliminating food miles
  • Dampening noise pollution in urban areas
  • Creating more green space in cities


  • UV resistant and BPA Free
  • Each SeadPod holds 1 gallon (8 Qts) of soil and clips easily into any chain link fencing with the patented mounting pin design. 
  • 2 drainage holes on the bottom edge of each planter ensure that plant’s don’t drown in wet conditions.
  • Mounting holes built into the backing plate enable easy screw-in installation for walls or fences
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Mounting holes can also be used to secure irrigation tubing with ties. Zip-ties and mounting hardware included

By converting fences and other vertical spaces into gardens, we’re able to make progress on a few important environmental fronts all at once, all while cleaning our environment of single use plastic that would otherwise pollute our communities.

Size: 8.1" Overall Height x 9.1" Overall Width; 7" Bowl Width x 6.5" Bowl Depth

Materials: 100% recycled plastic in the USA.

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