DUO-HUE by Amelia Ayerst

DUO-HUE by Amelia Ayerst is a range of home products, each of which will add individual character and flair to any room.

Developed by Amelia Ayerst at the Royal College of Art, DUO-HUE is a unique digital embroidery stitch that integrates craft and technology, combining complementary color-ways and differing stitch densities to create a color-morphing
effect as the product moves. Amelia is fascinated with color, particularly its use in creating color illusions in her designs.

A passionate designer, maker, and entrepreneur, Amelia Ayerst explores the interconnected disciplines of craft and technology. With a commitment to sustainable design, she aims to use technology as a way of serving her creative process. The focus is very much on bespoke, beautiful, long-lasting, and collectible home and lifestyle products.

DUO-HUE by Amelia Ayerst collaborates with like-minded craftspeople and brands, working on product design for the home and lifestyle sectors. All products are made, designed, and embroidered in Britain.