< !DOCTYPE html> Dogu Desk Accessories from Graf Lantz


Dogu Desk Accessories from Graf Lantz

Introducing the new Dogū Collection from Graf Lantz. A modular range of modern portable desktop Kawabon trays designed with the nomadic professional in mind.

Inspired by the classic tea ceremonies in Japan where one moment and one's self come together. The consciousness cultivated in the tea ceremony can be brought to all moments in life, enriching even the most mundane aspects of living. The Dogū Collection brings mindfulness and appreciation to any work environment.

The Dogū trays come in a variety of sizes made to house all your workspace essentials and can be conveniently nested inside one another and covered with a lid for easy transport from place to place. These travel-friendly trays aren’t limited to on-the-go uses though — office-bound professionals will love the seamless functionality and elevated look of the Dogū trays so much, they’ll become permanent desktop fixtures.