Claudia Pearson

Claudia Pearson introduces her Ebb & Flow collection of home goods inspired by personal events in her life.  

“3 1/2 years ago, I went on my first ever 4-day silent meditation retreat. It was a beautiful fall day, so I took myself into the woods to sit & paint.

I had a vivid memory of my younger son, the previous year building a cairn (stack of rocks) in the middle of a fast-flowing river in upstate New York. His determination and focus were unwavering. The rocks balanced despite the water flowing around them & that image was etched in my mind. I reimagined the cairn & sat in silence painting stack after stack.

These ebbs & flows in life have been a constant reminder to me to accept the rhythmical patterns, the comings & goings, the decline & regrowth.”

-Claudia Pearson