3rd Ritual

Earth Botanical Body Cream


Earth is a grounding blend of vetiver, pink pepper, and rosewood, carried by a rich cream infused with purifying neem extract and Kaolin clay. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Earth element is important during times of transition — a reminder of stability amid moments of continual flux. We set out to create a blend that would inspire the groundedness that comes from harmonious mind-body connection with a luxurious, moisturizing cream. Designed to restore and nourish overworked hands and feet, Earth supports practices like reflexology and self-massage.

  • 98.85% natural
  • 1.15% preservatives (vitamin E)

Scent Notes: 

  • Top notes: Pink Pepper and Ylang Ylang
  • Middle notes: Cardamom, Cypress and Vetiver
  • Base notes: Rosewood and Tobacco

Use: Nadhi Shodhana - After applying cream to hands, place right index and middle fingers on the bridge of your nose. Use your thumb to close the right nostril, inhaling only on the left. Use your ring finger to seal the left nostril and exhale only on the right. Alternate between left and right, for nine complete cycles of breath.
Belly Rub - Apply cream to hands and place them below your navel. Breathe deeply as you make wide, slow, clockwise circles around your belly button.
Reflexology - Use a dollop of cream to massage one foot at a time. Use your thumbs to glide along the arch of your foot, pausing to pressurize the solar plexus point located below your big toe.

Size: 60 ml. Vegan. Cruelty-free.

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